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Seventy-year-old Wade Phillips, the biggest reason Talib wanted to be traded to the Rams, is one of the most respected defensive coordinators in the game, his gravitas so powerful that Suh chose to play for him even though he will spend most of his time out of position at nose tackle.Cheap NHL Jerseys.”I don’t think any decision of this magnitude is easy,” Suh said of picking the Rams during his introductory news conference on Friday. “There was a lot of other great teams that I had offers from and had an opportunity to join, but I think this was the best fit for me.”Suh visited with the New Orleans Saints and the Tennessee Titans before he met with the Rams on March 20. He capped his visit with a sashimi dinner at the famed Nobu Malibu alongside McVay and owner Stan Kroenke.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.But before that came the key element of every stop in Suh’s free-agent tour: watching film with the coaching staff. That’s where Phillips appealed to him.

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The pair pegged Saquon Barkley out of Penn State as the Buccaneers’ ideal first round pick. A talent like Barkley could boost Tampa Bay’s running game and become an instant complement to running backs Jacquizz Rodgers and Peyton Barber.Cheap Hockey Jerseys.Recognizing that Barkley may be well off the board before the Bucs have a chance to select the running back, they offered another option in guard Quenton Nelson out of Notre Dame. Truthfully, he may just as unrealistic depending on how the first six picks go and how many quarterbacks are among that lot, specifically. Nelson is an outstanding guard that could help Tampa Bay solidify the interior on the offensive line in order to help open up the run game that way. The Bucs are far from the only ones who have their eye on the Notre Dame product, so he could undoubtedly be selected before No. 7 as well.In the second round, Jeremiah and Brooks have Tampa Bay addressing their secondary needs and taking safety Jessie Bates III from Wake Forest. He’s an athletic defensive back with a baseball background.Wholesale Jerseys.Brooks commented on his ability to drop down and cover the slot in addition to the ease in which he goes sideline-to-sideline because of that athleticism. He was Jeremiah’s No. 38 ranked prospect in his Top 50 Prospect list, so going to the Bucs at the No. 38 pick would, well, make sense.


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Wholesale NFL Jerseys

Adrian Clayborn of the Falcons had the game of his life on Sunday against the Cowboys. It was one of the most dominant performances I’ve ever seen from a defensive lineman.Cheap Jerseys.Clayborn might as well have had that NBA Jam glow going because as he kept torching Dallas’ left tackles, I could’ve sworn I heard someone in the background yelling.Chaz Green, starting at left tackle in place of an injured Tyron Smith, is going to be seeing Clayborn in his nightmares for at least a month. Green just couldn’t block him no matter how hard he tried.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.Over and over and over again, Clayborn straight-up abused Green on his way to the quarterback until the Cowboys had to sit Green down in favor another backup tackle, Byron Bell.Then Clayborn gave him the business, too.Erik Karlsson jerseys.There have only been three other players who have had six sacks in one game since the NFL began keeping sacks as a statistic (Derrick Thomas did it twice). This wasn’t just a good performance by Clayborn, it was literally a historically great one.But it wasn’t just that Clayborn was able to notch six sacks against Dallas. The context of those sacks shows you just how much of an impact he had on the game.

Green, who had already given up a sack and a pressure on cross-chop moves earlier in the game, took somewhat of a soft pass set, likely expecting another edge rush. So when Clayborn instead came with a power rush, Green ended up allowing Clayborn to push him back into Prescott’s lap.Jerseys For Sale. Clayborn ended up on the inside half of Green and was then able to spin back inside once he felt Green finally dig in against his power rush.That forced Prescott to scramble to his right where Clayborn’s teammate, Grady Jarrett, was escaping off Dallas right guard Zack Martin’s block. Jarrett tried to tackle him, but Prescott was able to spin out to avoid Jarrett’s tackle attempt.Prescott turned around just in time for the Clayborn, still in pursuit, to hit him dead in his chest.Oakland Raiders jerseys. But Clayborn wasn’t just looking to lay Prescott out on the play, instead reaching in and snatching the ball right out of Prescott’s hand. Clayborn ended up with a sack, a caused fumble, and fumble recovery all on the same damn play with the score 10-7 Atlanta and the Cowboys already at the Atlanta 39-yard line.With Green starting to look for power rushes later in the game, Clayborn was able to use that against him, just as he had been able to use Green looking for the cross-chop move against him on that play.For example, with 4:39 left in third quarter the Cowboys had a first-and-10 at the Falcons’ 12-yard line. Cheap Football Jerseys.The Falcons were up 17-7 at the time, but a touchdown there would have gotten Dallas right back into it.


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